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Graphmatech Metal Composites

AROS Cu™ AM Grade 6

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AROS Cu AM Grade 6 is a copper graphene powder composite. The product is a copper powder, where the powder particles that have been treated with the Graphmatech patented method, that covers the powder particles with sheets of graphene. The grain size distribution of the powder is suitable for additive manufacturing techniques.

The product provides a powder with an even distribution of the graphene in the matrix and a very low fraction of free graphene.

The product is supplied in containers of 1 kg, for larger quantities please contact us,.



Chemical composition: OFHC, 99 % Cu 
Grain size metal powder: 15-53μm
Quantity: 1 kg

All our products are controlled with scanning electron microscopy, SEM, to control the graphene coverage of the powder particles. 


Recommended use:
For research and development purposes only

Material data:

Material safety data sheet, MSDS:


Delivery time:
6-10 working weeks